Reverse Angle and Time Gels are available on Apple Music and Spotify.

What people are saying about "Reverse Angle" so far:

"While guests, instrument changes, recognizable material, and intriguing structural devices all contribute to the success of this recording, the album's strongest selling point is simply the relationship between Deutsch and Soffiato. There's a comfort level in their exchanges that makes this music a pleasure to behold, regardless of complexity or intensity." – D. Bilawsky, All About Jazz

"Trumpeter Josh Deutsch and guitarist Nico Soffiato take an invigorating approach to melody an harmony on their second outing, Reverse Angle, displaying an impressive command of diverse styles and textures...Through solid arrangements, bold colors and excellent harmonic balance, Deutsch and Soffiato make Reverse Angle truly memorable". – T. Holmes, The New York City Jazz Record

"On Time Gels #3, Mr. Soffiato plays some elegant, laid-back wha wha guitar...which sounds charming with mr. Deutsch lovely, somber trumpet...Gershwin's classic Someone to Watch Over Me is also done with sublime, austere elegance...It is nice for a change to listen to a disc which is melodic, somewhat haunting and tastefully played." – B. Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery.

“High energy and filled with musical intuition… two very inspired musicians”  – B Pollaci, Anima Jazz

"Good for lovers of old jazz... one of those rare records to which anyone would return to" – E. Garzia, Percorsi Musicali

"A dialogue mostly whispered, where the guitar...reveals its most intimate, warm and reassuring side, and the trumpet moves sinuously and lyrically, in a respectful interplay." - Vincenzo Roggero, All About Jazz Italia

 About the project

Trumpeter Josh Deutsch and guitarist Nico Soffiato have been playing together as a duo since 2006, when they met in Boston.  Over the years the musical relationship born through this collaboration resulted in a set of music composed specifically for this ensemble, including several co-written works.  This record captures and expresses the potentials of both this duo setting and their relationship, allowing for intricate layers of transparency, interaction and sonic exploration—elements that are often lost in larger ensembles.  Josh and Nico have embraced the challenges and possibilities of writing for this duo and created a book of original music borrowing from some of their favorite classical, jazz and pop ideals.  The music ranges from electronic loops to entirely acoustic pieces, balancing carefully crafted compositions with space for exciting improvisations and interaction. 

The duo performs regularly in the New York City are and has toured the West Coast and Italy.  The have also given master classes in music schools and universities in the West Coast and Italy.

Gymnopedie #1, Live at Caffe Vivaldi, New York.

Time Gels, Live at Eagans, Seattle.

Vogare, Live at U-Man, Italy.

Vogare, Live at Branded, Brooklyn.

Live Recording at U-Man, published by BlattaBlu Records.

Recorded by Federico Robol on 11/24/11 at U-Man, Italy.