Video of the Track Anomaly below:

The current line up is Fraser Campbell on tenor, Nico Soffiato on baritone guitar and variable personnel on drums .  

Paradigm Refrain has just recorded a new EP and it out on Brooklyn-based label Great Shapes Records.

Paradigm Refrain is a Brooklyn-based variable-personnel improvising ensemble.  This ensemble had a monthly residency at Goodbye Blue Monday from the summer of 2008 until the venue closed in 2015.  

These are some of the musicians who played with us: David Tronzo, Nate Wooley, Darius Jones, Sunny Kim, Bruno Raberg, Danilo Gallo, Zeno de Rossi, Alessandro Fedrigo, Marco Buccelli, Piero Bittolo Bon, Nick Falk, Petr Cancura, Federico Casagrande, Brian Adler, Noah Kaplan, Devin Gray, Andrew Smiley, Joe Moffett, Bryan Drye, Fraser Campbell, Juan Pablo Carletti, Matt Rousseau, Takashi Sugawa, Pascal Niggenkemper, Jake Henry, Carlo Costa, Josh Deutsch, Eli Asher.

Some photos and words from Jason Crane, host of The Jazz Session, here.

Clips from various concerts from the residency at Troost:


Audio clips from previous personnel iterations of the group.



With Dave Tronzo.