Nico and Josh Deutsch co-curated for years the “2x3”series in New York, which brought together three duos in a night for a mix of separate performances and collaborations.  The series has featured many outstanding musicians with established duo projects. 

These are the musicians who participated, in chronological order: Jonathan Moritz, Carlo Costa, Dave Grollman, Sean Ali, Kirk Knuffke, Jesse Stacken, Landon Knoblock, Elena Camerin, Dan Weiss, Samarth Nagarkar,  Dov Manski, Kristin Slipp, Peter Eldridge, Matt Aronoff, Lathan Hardy, Dan Blake, Leo Geonovese, Aaron Shragge, Ben Monder, Pascal Niggenkemper, Thomas Heberer, Mariel Berger, Erika Kapin, Giacomo Merega, Wes Matthews, Matt Mitchell, Jake Henry, Andrew Smiley, Andrew Mulherkar, Jason  Yaeger, Edward Perez, Michael Thomas.

With Dov Manski and Dan Weiss. 

Kristin Slipp, Samarth Nagarkar and Josh Deutsch.

With Leo Genovese. 

Josh Deutsch and Ben Monder. 

With Kirk Knuffke. 

Josh Deutsch and Kirk Knuffke.