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About Reverese Angle:

"While guests, instrument changes, recognizable material, and intriguing structural devices all contribute to the success of this recording, the album's strongest selling point is simply the relationship between Deutsch and Soffiato. There's a comfort level in their exchanges that makes this music a pleasure to behold, regardless of complexity or intensity." – D. Bilawsky, All About Jazz

"Trumpeter Josh Deutsch and guitarist Nico Soffiato take an invigorating approach to melody an harmony on their second outing, Reverse Angle, displaying an impressive command of diverse styles and textures...Through solid arrangements, bold colors and excellent harmonic balance, Deutsch and Soffiato make Reverse Angle truly memorable". – T. Holmes, The New York City Jazz Record

"On Time Gels #3, Mr. Soffiato plays some elegant, laid-back wha wha guitar...which sounds charming with mr. Deutsch lovely, somber trumpet...Gershwin's classicSomeone to Watch Over Me is also done with sublime, austere elegance...It is nice for a change to listen to a disc which is melodic, somewhat haunting and tastefully played." – B. Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery.

“High energy and filled with musical intuition… two very inspired musicians”  – B Pollaci, Anima Jazz

"Good for lovers of old jazz... one of those rare records to which anyone would return to" – E. Garzia, Percorsi Musicali

Review of OST Quartet on Jazz Convention here.  Translation in English here.

Review of OST Quartet on All About Jazz Italy here.  Translated excerpt: "There are no sketches or written scores, the music is totally improvised but the sensitivity of the musicians, the great ability to listen to each other, and the absolute mastery of their instruments gives rise to a melodious music in his own way, smooth and gentle ... " -Vincenzo Roggero

Review of OST Quartet on Percorsi Musicali here.  Translated excerpt here: "... At the border between jazz improvisation and contemporary classical music, the musicians choose to represent the thoughts in the moment with frames drawn up with great technical detail, giving the idea of a particularly refined improvisational product" -Ettore Garzia

“Soffiato is a player who has studied the greats during his upbringing, but has also managed to develop a unique voice along the way; not an easy task for any player to achieve.” “…”Just Add Water” brings to light all of the things that make modern jazz great: openness to interaction, solid grooves and a respect for the tradition while firmly looking forward.”

-Matthew Warnock

"...Straddling the line between mainstream and experimental, The Nico Soffiato Quartet's “Just Add Water” is a refreshing contribution to contemporary jazz. With creative treatments and impressive attention to nuance, the ensemble crafts intriguing, enigmatic music that stands out from the otherwise oversaturated jazz scene and its tired sound..." "...”Just Add Water” is a solid, enchanting effort from musicians who thoroughly understand the concept of balance. A wealth of details under the surface allows for new discoveries and deeper appreciation with every listen..." 

-John Engelmann, Knocks From The Underground NYC

“…Two young lions who have recently delved into the realm of the jazz duo are trumpeter Josh Deutsch and guitarist Nico Soffiato, and their new album “Time Gels” is an elegant, fresh take on this timeless tradition…These two musicians perform as a cohesive unit, with improvisational vigor and mature musicianship, all elements that are needed to produce a record of the highest caliber…” -Matthew Warnock (May 2011)

“...showcase of Soffiato’s nimble guitar artistry, on the verge of braking into free jazz territory...The balanced instrumental dynamic between Soffiato and trumpeter Josh Deutsch rings clear and true...”  S.Mizrahi, The New York City Jazz Record

“...Of great strength is the introduction to “Alexander” (where the interplay with Videen's alto sax reaches heights of touching fascination), but even more so are the wrapping spirals of Just Add Water, a very convincing example of fusion between jazz and post-rock   V.Giorgio, Musica Jazz

Review from All About Jazz Italy here.

"”Just Add Water”, where improvisation is a riotous living body that struggles to come back willingly to more canonical forms, in some cases intertwined with that rock that we have so called "post "..." 

-Vincenzo Santarcangelo, Rockerilla

"Nico's solos are often the most relaxed yet still tell thoughtful stories" 

-Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery NYC

“"Just Add Water" offers well-constructed music, alternating episodes of different moods and ideas... Soffiato's sounds mysteriously introduce "Alexander": the guitar sounds like a Rhodes..." 

-E. M., Jazz It

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