I have been a guitar teacher for more than ten years and here in New York teaching is an important part of my professional life. 

I have been teaching for over ten years now and it is my primary profession. I've had my studio in Brooklyn since 2007 and some of my students have been studying with me for almost that long. 
In a nutshell, I work with students to understand their needs and give them a structured routine so that they can achieve their goals. 

I graduated from Berklee College of Music and now I dedicate my time to studying my instruments, perform, write and teach. 

*** Lesson Details *** 
Guitar lessons in many styles: rock, jazz, blues, funk, experimental. Learn about theory and harmony and how to create your own style. Learn about guitar effects, pedals and how to use them to be original. Learn to compose your own tunes and record them. 
Also Beginner Piano and Electric Bass. 

Teaching Philosophy: 

- While being a self-taught guitarist is admirable, one usually reaches a point of musical stagnation. 
- Because I have acquired the skill of harnessing students' strengths from the very beginning, it becomes possible to move far beyond this stagnation to become a smart, sensible and sensitive guitarist. 
- Having taught for ten years, I have found that I work best with intermediate and advanced students who have the drive to learn more. 
- After only a few lessons, you will find your musical knowledge expanding at a rate that now seems impossible to experience. 

Some Ways of Harnessing Your Strength: 

- I will create unique, individualized lessons on music theory 
- I will handcraft exercises to enhance your strengths and to nurture your weaknesses 
- I will record every lesson for you to keep 
- I will personalize music listening exercises that will fine-tune your ears 

Feel free to contact me at nico.soffiato (at) gmail.com

Free half-hour consultation at my studio or via Skype. 

Check out some musical examples below and reviews from current and past students.



 What a pleasure it's been to have Nico's instruction this year! He is an incredibly patient, talented and wise teacher. At the beginning of our time working together, Nico listened carefully to my goals, what I had achieved so far as a player, what I wanted to achieve with the instrument, what kind of player I wanted to sound like, and implemented a course of action to help get me there. Each week, we focus on what has been challenging me in my practices as well as what has gotten easier, and he shares new things to work on, the theoretical reasons for why we are working on them and how they can be applied in a musical setting with other players. Early into our lessons, he was able to tailor a practice regimen for me based on my skill level and quickly target where I needed improvement. I continue to gain confidence with my playing thanks to Nico, and always look forward to my lessons with him. Not to mention his lessons are affordable! I feel lucky to have found such a patient mentor and I highly recommend him to any guitar player at any skill level looking for a teacher.


Nico is an amazing teacher. I've been taking guitar lessons with him since 2008 and it's been a fun and great experience. He teaches you not only how to play but also music theory, equipment lessons (pedals, guitar care, etc.), and actual musical application. He always finds a way to attach the lessons to actual songs so it makes it easier to learn. I'd recommend him to anybody.


I've been taking lessons with Nico for the past month and half and he has been absolutely amazing during this time. I don't have much knowledge with the guitar but every time I leave a lesson with Nico, I walk away with such a great amount of information and skill to develop. He provides excellent techniques to use while practicing which have greatly improved my skill. Nico's patience and attentiveness during lessons allows me the space to ask questions when I'm curious about something. All my questions are answered in great detail.


 So glad I found Nico! He is a focused and encouraging teacher. He listened carefully to my goals when I first started a few months ago and I feel like I am reaching them and understanding more with each lesson. He helps provide the structure to keep me on-track while still being flexible and open to what I want to learn and accomplish.

John (age 50's) 

Nico is an awesome and thoughtful teacher! I have been taking lessons with Nico now for over 2 ½ years. My family and friends, at gatherings and parties (which I LOVE performing!) have seen a great improvement in my playing. Prompt and always ready to give the best guitar lessons, Nico is very knowledgeable about the guitar and his lessons are always interesting and tailored to my needs. I always feel after class that I got a first rate lesson telling myself, “Man! That was worth the drive!” (I'm driving from the Bronx!) I've improved a hundred fold on my playing because Nico knows exactly how to guide me into becoming a better and knowledgeable player. I've been playing guitar on and off for over 35 years and what Nico has done for me is he has “unstuck” me from my much dreaded guitar-stagnation to now creating great music. Nico has helped unlock my abilities and now I'm confident enough to play with a band or even do a solo act! Highly recommended!

Lenny (age 40's) 

Nico is a great guitar teacher. He has a terrific knowledge of music, and is very good at communicating that knowledge to his students. He's very reliable, and a very pleasant person to be around. I've learned a lot from him over the last couple of years. He's really helped me improve my playing. I would highly recommend him to any level of player looking to improve.

Parent of a 12-yo student

Nico was recommended by a friend of mine. I am so happy, I made that call. My 12 year old son expressed an interest to a guitar. Nico is a fantastic music educator, very reliable and responsible. We value his experience and talent. He was the only teacher, we had to interview. We didn't even look after for another one. Anyone will be lucky to have him as teacher.

Jonathan (age 19) 

Nico is a fantastic teacher. I have been learning with him for 3 years. He has taught me everything I know thus far and has prepared me for music school. I will recommend him for anyone who is looking to improve their skills, he will not let you down!

Jason (age 30's) 

I have been taking lessons with Nico for over two and a half years now and have enjoyed every minute of it.  He has an incredible fund of knowledge, the ability to convey information suited to ones level and tremendous patience. He is also encouraging and not condescending.  I have learned a great deal from him and am confident you will too.